CMA Fest Fan Meet & Greet

Friday, June 9th @10am

Excited to be invited back to the CMA Fest this year and will be appearing at Fan Fair X at Music City Center for a Fan Meet & Greet! 

“Doin’ My Own Thing”


Nashville Music City Center

Now Booking Acoustic Duo & Full Band with National Award Winning Entertainer, singer, songwriter and musician Rory Scott

What Boston Radio is saying about Rory Scott

“Rory Scott’s voice tells a story. It’s the story of a musician who’s talent and drive has made him a road warrior, and a sought after artist. There’s a gravel, but it’s easy to take… smooth, in fact. To use a popular country music analogy; it’s like whiskey, at first you think it’s rough, but it sure goes down easy. Scott’s confident and soulful performance of his impassioned lyrics have made him a favorite entertainer around New England for years.” -Carolyn Kruse-Boston Radio Country 102.5, 2019

“There’s likely not a lot of road Rory Scott hasn’t covered. He’s been playing around New England, collecting awards, and winning over fans for some time. His talent and drive has made him one of New England’s most sought after artists.“-Carolyn Kruse-Boston Radio Country 102.5, 2021